Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is Obama Right for This Country??

Is either one of the primary Presidential candidates right for this country ?? As I see Obama, he has little experience, a ton of skeletons hiding in his closet and more flip-flops than a J-K flip-flop (electronics, folks). I don't hate Obama. I question his sincerity. I question his motives. The fact that he's black (or partly) doesn't bother me, just his politics. He's been consistently anti-gun throughout his career in politics. He's been on the far left all of that time and now, he decides he's going to "shift towards the center" just to appease the centrist voters and hopefully gain more votes. After all, it IS politics. If anybody with any sense of reasoning would just LOOK at his voting record on the issues, both at state and Federal levels, it would become quite clear he is "all hat and no cattle".

McCain is only slightly better. I would call him a RINO, to be quite honest. I really don't care for ANY of our choices for the President and Commander-in-Chief, but I would lean towards a squadron commander vs someone that has questionable motives, no leadership experience and the political backing of those who would usurp our rights and the Constitution.