Friday, November 14, 2008

The End of Free Speech ??

It seems as if the Obama-ites have brought about an end to free speech. It is no longer acceptable to criticize Obama or his ilk. If one does, then they are labelled "racist" or some other nefarious name. We have "Joe the Plumber" that simply asked a question of Obama. His troubles began once he asked that simple question. His background was checked, without authorization, by several agencies. Next, Michelle Bachmann voiced her displeasure with Obama. She had to issue an apology. An apology ?? FOR WHAT ?!?!?!? Just because she stated the TRUTH ?!?!?!? Her opinion ?!?!?!? Sure, public officials should be careful how they ouch their words, but seriously?!?!? Bush has been called many bad things and by some of our nation's leaders. Have they been "investigated" ?? No. Then we had the incident in Missouri, which I touched on earlier. Surely, Obama wouldn't practice any type of censorship, would he ? After all, that would violate our First Amendment rights. Even the leftists always seem to say that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" or some other justification of mandating the berating of our GOP leaders. Now, I read that apparently a couple of Durham police officers that posted something on their "MySpace" page. "It wasn't a racial slur, but we're still investigating it." That's what the investigators say. Later on they state, "Bonfield added that if the allegations are found to be true and officers posted racially charged statements, then an appropriate response by the department would be warranted." Ok, was it a racially charged statement or not ?? If so, exactly WHY are they investigating it? Is it because they offended Obama or is it because they are just investigating their own ? It just seems to me that Obama's militant faction is attempting to suppress free speech throughout the nation. I sure hope that I'm wrong, but if these are any indicators, we're in MAJOR trouble.