Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Note to the GOP

It's time for the GOP to relocate it's roots. Let's discuss the McCain campaign and why it failed. As I see it, McCain really dropped the ball. He ran an impotent campaign. There were many times that he could have attacked Obama on the issues, but no, he wanted to "play nice". I'm sorry, but this election wasn't a time to "play nice". Palin was doing CPR to a dying campaign. The GOP needs to realize that had they let Palin loose, McCain might have been our President Elect.

On the issues: The border. McCain was softer on the border than Cottonelle toilet paper. He wanted to pander to the Mexican vote. From what I've observed and read, there are a good many Mexicans that are here LEGALLY and they are just as much against illegal immigration as the next person. Instead, the GOP had to pick McCain in fear that they would lose the Hispanic vote. I'm thinking that was one of the many mistakes.

On the economy.... well, McCain did that to himself. Something about him saying that the economy was "fundamentally strong". That showed just how much he was out of touch with the current situation. The economy hasn't been real good since 2005. Hello ?? I know this for a fact. The job market, at least for me, was pretty much non-existent. The Real Estate market was in the beginning of collapsing. My ex-wife, being an agent/ broker, I experienced this first hand. So, to say that McCain is out of touch on the economy is being kind.

The Base.... McCain totally forgot about his base, and kept pandering to the left. To many Conservatives out there (and I am one of them) wanted a candidate that would bring the base together. There IS NO reason that ANY conservative should have voted for Obama, but they did. Why ?? Because the base didn't feel they were comfortable with our candidate. I didn't like McCain from the beginning. He wasn't my first pick. As a matter of fact, he was towards the bottom of my list. There were other candidates that could have brought something to the table, but they were essentially ignored by the GOP AND the media.

McCain was strong on the anti-terrorism bit. That was a good thing. Where else was he strong at ?? He wasn't super strong on the 2nd Amendment. If anything, he was "lukewarm". He would have been strong on Defense, at least that's what I believe. He did have some religious convictions and that was good.

In the future, GOP, you need to select a candidate that WILL bring the base together. The party needs to stick together, too. Let loose the Dogs of war !! I just read today that Jindahl was asked about considering the possibility of filling the empty seat of the VP back in July/ August. He declined. Now we see WHY he declined. After what's been done to Sarah Palin, it's a good thing to stay FAR away from mediocre candidates.

So, listen up, GOP, get back to your roots!! Let's get some candidates in office that are solid conservatives, not RINOs like McCain. I look forward to 2012, when we may have a chance to rid ourselves of the bonds of a "ruler" and get some people in office that will do some GOOD for the country. Perhaps a Palin/Jindahl ticket ??