Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Denison, Texas Walmart

I've been with the local VFW for almost two years now. During this two years, the Post Commander has approached the local Walmart for a contribution. He's approached them several times, without any luck. He's submitted the paperwork at least twice, if not three times. For some reason, the paperwork seems to become conveniently "lost". Today, I read about where a Walmart in Arizona just opened and gave out several grants to serveral different charities, including the local VFW.

From a friend of mine: "Like to tell everyone what a good neighbor Walmart is. There is a new Walmart super center opening here in Flagstaff. They have the built a very environmentally friendly store. keeping with the spirit of Flagstaff living. They Have also chosen to give 10 local charities grand opening donations. The San Francisco Peeks post 1709 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars was honored with a donation of $1500. We will use this money in our relief fund to help local veterans and their families. Thank you Walmart" - Joe C.

We've been after the Walmart in Denison Texas to contribute to the local VFW to no avail. I'm beginning to think that the Denison, Texas Walmart Manager is anti-military & anti-veteran!! Not only that, but the Denison Walmart is one of the dirtiest and most poorly maintained Walmarts I've been into. To top it off, their "customer service" is non-existent. The employees there, on the whole, seem to have the attitude that if they DO help you, they are doing you a favor That is, IF a customer can even FIND an employee to render assistance. I continue to shop there because it is close. However, I have started shopping at Krogers or Albertsons when I see a decent sale. (Normally, their prices are significantly higher than Walmart's)The Walmart in Durant, OK is far better, but OK charges sales tax on EVERYTHING, including food and Durant adds in their little bit of extra sales tax to make it impractical to make the drive.

What I fail to understand is why the local VFW's requests have been ignored. The Denison Walmart is ALWAYS busy. It's not like their losing business like most of downtown Denison has. I've even cornered the one of the Assistant Managers and voiced my displeasure with them. So, my question remains, is the Denison, Texas Walmart manager anti-military and anti-veteran? Or is he just anti-VFW? Just in case anybody is of the inclination to give the manager a call and inquire as to WHY he's ignoring our repeated requests, you may contact the store directly:

Walmart Supercenter
401 N Us Highway 75
Denison, TX 75020

(903) 465-9744


Anonymous said...

You make it sound like the VFW is "entitled" to a donation from Wal-Mart. Since when did large organizations become "required" to contribute? I find your comment offensive in general. Donations are charity that should be appreciated when they are given, and not condemned when they are not.

Thor said...

@ Anonymous:

When we were told that we weren't allowed to sell buddy poppies there and to apply for a donation instead, I would expect the management to be a little more forthcoming. We would have appreciated anything Walmart would have given us. But, that's OK. We don't really need the VFW in town, anyways, do we? After all, "they're just a bunch of drunks telling old war stories" ::rolls eyes::