Friday, October 22, 2010

Jumping Back in Time

Getting ready for my 35th class reunion, I was going over some songs to see what I had from that era. It's amazing just how a song, a movie, a picture, or even just a car on the road can draw one's memories back to a time almost forgotten. My roads have been traveled, many bridge crossed and some burnt and years have flown by in almost an instant.

I do think that music was best in the 60s and 70s. Here's why. People had talent. They didn't rely on voice synthesizers or manipulation of the recorded music. Studio time was expensive and musicians better have had their stuff together before they entered the studio. It was also usually "fun" music. Uplifting, not usually blatantly immoral (there were a few RARE exceptions), all in all, it seemed like a more pleasant time despite Viet Nam, the hippie protesters (now we call them "Progressives"), the gas shortages, etc. We all seemed to get by. Life was still lived under the constant threat of Mutually Assured Destruction as it had been for the decade plus before.

Anyways, as I listened to some of the songs, I was immediately drawn back to that somewhat more pleasant time in my life.