Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Job to My Fellow Combat Veterans!!

Due to the national outrage that the VFW-PAC's endorsements has caused, the VFW is now rethinking the continued viability of its PAC. However, that won't be decided until next August, when they hold the National Convention.

What I have learned in the interim is that the VFW-PAC's endorsements automatically default to the incumbent. I don't think that this is a good idea because it can generate an endorsement for a less than desirable candidate through the way a candidate has voted in the past. As long as the candidate votes in favor of certain issues that are pertinent to the VFW, regardless of whether or not that issue passes, they will receive an endorsement from the VFW-PAC. This seems to open up the VFW-PAC to some pretty drastic manipulation. It also discriminates against any new candidate because they have no "voting record", regardless of that candidate's history, intentions, or outlook. So, this is WHY we're seeing endorsements of some of the lunatic fringe, like Sheila Jackson Lee, Harry "The WAR Is Lost" Reid, etc.

Perhaps it would be better to just return to lobbying candidates when there is a bill on the floor of the House or the Senate?