Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't Desert the VFW!!

Like I've stated before, cancelling one's membership is NOT the answer!! If we want to effect change in the VFW & it's PAC, it MUST come from within!! To abandon an organization because they screwed up is just like rats abandoning a sinking ship!!

I've heard stories of how the Viet Nam vets were treated  by the older VFW members. It's now apparent as to how much those old WWII & Korea vets has adversely affected the VFW. Those folks are now dying off, as is the membership of the VFW. What I will say is to hang in there. Why, you may ask?? Because it's time for the Viet Nam and younger Vets to take the helm. My Post is mainly run by two Viet Nam Vets and two Desert Storm Vets. There are still some older veterans involved, but they are slowly dropping out of the scene due to health issues and to put it plainly, dying off. We are trying very hard to recruit the younger war vets that have returned or are returning from the war front in Iraq & Afghanistan. You didn't desert when you were in the military, did you?? Please, please....... don't desert the VFW now. Let's FIX this problem instead of killing the oldest and most viable veteran's organization!! We can't FIX the problem if we aren't involved!!